Primary School

English is an important part of our lives whether you hear, listen, read or speak it. Here, at Doga International Schools, our children learn of its importance and many uses.

In contrast to other education models, we aim to teach the students that English is not necessarily based on grammatical use but on the ease of one expressing his/herself. We provide a rich opportunity for them to practice this usage in our many creative multimedia rooms such as our Lego room, English room, Library, Drama room and 5D room.

Our education places importance on 3 main aspects:

* It corresponds to international standards,

* It is communication centered,

* It is up to date

Nature also plays an important role in our schools foundations therefore our English education balances the four main skills; reading, writing, speaking and listening with activities which take place outside.

Our Curriculum:

We use the Cambridge International Curriculum and prepare the students for the Starters, Movers and Flyers examinations offered to international students.