Our Kindergarten at Doga İnternational Schools

Kindergarten is an important step for our kids. Through kindergarten children learn skills they will build on throughout life. Our programs help children with their language, development and self-confidence. Our Kindergarten at Doga International Schools prepares our children for success at school and has a positive impact later in life.

Our full day public Kindergarten provides the foundation to nurture each child’s lifelong love of learning. Our school setting separates us from other schools as we provide our students with individual growth plans for success.

Early Start Kindergarten provides free or low cost kindergarten to eligible three, four and five year old children where programs are offered by qualified teachers.

Our Kindergarten at Doga International Schools proudly offers a quality, nature based Programs. This hands-on, interactive program is geared to the developmental stages of three, four and five year-old children.

Our Kindergarten teachers lay the foundation for a child's educational career. They may use Lego building blocks and counting games to teach math concepts, organize group activities to foster social skills, encourage creativity through arts and crafts projects, and develop language skills through storytelling and reading aloud. A kindergarten teacher establishes and enforces rules, leads physical exercise activities, helps students learn with assistive devices, maintains records of student performance and meets with parents to discuss student progress.